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                TITLE                                                    AUTHOR

Mac OSX Help Line Tiger Ed.                               Landau

Little Mac Book Leopard Ed.                                 Williams

iLife ’08                                                                  Cohen

iPhoto 5 The Missing Manual                                Pogue

iMovie HD & DVD 5                                             Pogue

Photoshop Elements 6                                            Kelby

Photoshop Elements 3                                            Kelby

Mac Maintenance and Backups                             Kissel

Adobe Photoshop CS                                             McClelland

Mac OS X Tiger Killer Tips                                   Kelby

Getting Started with Mac Leopard                         Williams

iMovie ’09 and iDVD                                             Carlson

iMovie ’08 and iDVD                                             Pogue

Switching to the Mac, Mountain Lion Ed.              O’Reilly/Pouge

The Macintosh Bible 8th. Edition                           Colby/Cortinas

iPhoto 6 Visual Quickstart Guide                            Engst

iPad: The Missing Manual                                      Biersdorfer

Netscape 7.0 Guidebook                                         Netscape

Mastering HD Video with your DSLR                    Kraus/Steinmuller

MacBook for Dummies                                           Chambers

Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual                    Pogue

Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning                        Williams/Toilett

Little Mac Book                                                      Williams

Degunking you Mac                                                Ballew

Photoshop Elements 2                                             Aaland

Mac OS X Leopard Beyond The Manual               Meyer/Lee

Mac OS X and The Digital Lifestyle                      Miser

iPod: The Missing Manual                                     Biersdorfer

iPad for Seniors                                                      Studio Visual

OS X Mountain Lion: Quick Reference Guide      Beighley

The OS X Mountain: Pocket Guide                       Carlson

OS X Mountain Lion: Pocket Guide                      O’Reilly

OS X Mountain Lion: Fast & Easy Way                McFedries

Switching to Mac Leopard Edition                        O’Reilly/Pogue

Apple Confidential 2.0                                           Mayer

AppleWork 6 CD-ROM Training Series Vol. 3,4,5, & 7

Mac OS X Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training Vol. 1 & 2

I am missing from the EAMUG Library and would like to be returned. I am “Creating Pages with iWork” by David Morris. I miss being with my friends and someone else may want to check me out.

If you forgot to sign me out on the sign out sheet that is OK. Please check your personal library and see if I am there. You will see my EAMUG Library label on the inside cover. Just return me at the next general EAMUG monthly meeting.

Thank you.